May 2018


Fabric And Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2018

Spring is here, which means warmer summer months is right around the corner. So, so how exactly does that influence our wardrobes? Getting dressed during the time of year when it’s not that hot anymore – but not chilly either could be very tricky. However, a few key portions can smoothen the transition – and


Uses and Benefits of Czech Glass Beads

Czech Republic is popularly known as a glass making region. Since the time of World Wars I and II, North Bohemia has specialized in making glass beads, especially since it had a high availability of the needed resources. Indeed, Czech glass beads are widely loved by artisans and fashion lovers. This post will discuss the


New Trends to look out for 2018 Winter Season

Trends are more than just an aspect of fashion, trends for a particular season helps you look fabulous. With the right trend and the correct choice of colours, anyone can look stunning. With every new season, some parts of the older trends change into something entirely new, while others stay the same more or less